Wedding Budgeting: We help you understand all the aspects of services that a wedding requires and help allocate resources and budget the entire event. Conversely if you have a fixed budget, we will help you plan your event within the target. As we work with various vendors through the year, we get the best rates for you and pass across all the benefits to you.

Wedding Stationary: Right from the save the dates, to the Thank you cards, we help in designing all the wedding stationary you will require for your wedding. We work with renowned vendors who specialize in various kinds of printing and also a large sample of papers.

Food & Beverage: They say that the memory of food remains with one for a lifetime, and we understand how important food is at a wedding. We suggest a number of caterers who we attest to with terms of taste and service and send the guests for food tastings before we zero in on a vendor to cater to your event.

Décor: One of the most integral part of the wedding is the décor. The Tamarind Tree is possibly one of the most stunning venues in the world, and in honesty needs the least amount of décor. We know all the nooks and crannies of the property and understand what enhances its beauty and create sets that make the space a wonderland.

Bridal Services: Every bride dreams’ of and anticipates this day for months to come, of the way they look on their special day! We have a list of accomplished beauticians who have worked their magic on many brides of The Tamarind Tree. Trial makeup sessions are arranged post which artists are booked as per the guest’s choice.

Photography & Videography: we understand how important it is to capture these treasured moments that will entitle you to live those moments over and over for a lifetime to come. Various award-winning photography and videography teams have captured many such timeless moments through their lenses. We send across their profiles and organize meetings with the team before our guests can finalize and block their dates.

Wedding Ceremonies: Suggestions for priests of all customs and traditions can be made along with their bookings. We also procure all the items for the rituals and arrange them as requested by the guests.

Travel Logistics: Arrangements for travel to and from the airport to the venue. Shuttle services from hotels to the venue. Weather it’s a Tempo Traveler or an Audi we have travel solutions for all the requests you have.

Music & Entertainment: Famous International artists to fusion bands and DJ’s, a wedding has a wide array of requirements in terms of entertainment requirements. We send across the artists portfolios as well sample videos of their art to you. We make booking and manage the artists once their fare is confirmed by you.

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